You've got things to do, so I'll make this brief. I set up this website to host some of my creative endeavours, write about my interests and because I felt nostalgic pangs for the good ol' days of the late 90's / early 2000's Web.

Back then, everyone seemed to be crafting their own unique personal websites and I think it's sad that not many people do these days. So as soon as I found out about neocities, I knew I had to join and make my own website too.

Been here for a few years now and I'm still loving it! I don't think the "old" web ever really left us, though. It's just been crushed into near insignificance by an ever increasingly corporate web. In any case, I'm glad neocities is here to keep the faith.

About Me:

Some things I enjoy include:

This site might be a prime example of the "Ikea effect". It's very basic because I'm lazy, though lately I've been trying to improve a lot of the bad deprecated code that I've used (but don't worry, I'll still be keeping things old school). Nevertheless, I'm still kinda pleased with how it's turned out and I had fun making it.

If I'm honest, it's become a bit of a monument to my ability to procrastinate. If I'm working on this I should probably be doing something else, so updates may be a little less frequent from now on.

Just for kicks and because I hate how bloated and sluggish the web has become, I'm going to keep the site as small as I can. So far so good... It's currently just over 23 MB. But I hope to continue adding more stuff in the future so we'll see.

This website is never likely to be fully optimised for mobile phones (but I'm trying to improve things). That said, web browsing on a smart phone is a horrible experience and I don't want to encourage such madness.

P.S. The name of my website is taken from the song "Night City" by The Sword

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