Hello and Welcome!

You've got things to do, so I'll make this brief. I set up this website to host some of my creative endeavours, write about my interests and because I felt nostalgic pangs for the good ol' days of the late 90's / early 2000's Web. Back then, everyone seemed to be crafting their own unique personal websites and I think it's sad that not many people do these days. So as soon as I found out about neocities, I knew I had to join and make my own website too. Been here for over two years now and I'm still loving it! I don't think the "old" web ever really left us, though. It's just been crushed into near insignificance by an ever-increasingly corporate web. In any case, I'm glad neocities is here to keep the faith.

About Me:

  • Age: 37
  • Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of the year.
  • Only my plants are carnivorous.
  • This is my Political Compass (not sure I'm quite as radical as this...)
  • There's really not much else to say about me...
  • Uh... here's my nan's Welsh cake recipe?
  • My SpaceHey Profile
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some things I enjoy include:

  • Bird / nature watching (I find it restful).
  • Retro video games.
  • Visiting the seaside.
  • Terrariums.
  • Music (especially Punk, Indie, 80's Pop and Heavy Metal).
  • Retro Computing.
  • Photography.
  • House Plants.

This site might be a prime example of the "Ikea effect". It's very basic because I'm lazy and I use a lot of bad deprecated code. But I'm still kinda pleased with how it's turned out and I had fun making it. If I'm honest, it's become a bit of a monument to my ability to procrastinate (if I'm working on this, I should probably be doing something else...) so updates may be a little less frequent from now on.

Just for kicks and because I hate how bloated and sluggish the web has become, I'm going to keep the site as small as I can (it's currently just over 21 MB). So far so good... But I hope to continue adding more stuff in the future so we'll see. This website is never likely to be optimised for mobile phones. Partly because I don't know how, partly because browsing on a smart phone is a horrible experience and I don't want to encourage such madness.

P.S. The name of my website is taken from the song "Night City" by The Sword (link)

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Be excellent to each other