Here are some of the Pro-Designs I created for ACNL. This is by far my favourite thing to do in the game (although I wish it was possible to create pants and to store more than 8 designs). Most designs are Sci-fi themed. I've made a lot of these custom outfits, so I have plenty more to add at a later date. Anyway, hope you like my creations!

Han Solo QR codes

Suggested pants/shoes:
black track pants + black rain boots
(or hero's boots or steel-toed boots)

Ryo Hazuki QR codes
Hero of Yu Suzuki's magnum opus, Shenmue.

Suggested pants/shoes:
Dry-denim pants + basketball shoes

Flash Gordon (1980) QR codes

Suggested pants/shoes:
Chinos + basketball shoes

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warrior (1978) QR codes

Suggested pants/shoes:
Chinos + hero's boots

Background design by Jessii Crossing



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