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I love making terrariums. There's something enchanting (or megalomaniacal) about creating your own tiny little world. Made well, they are very low maintenence. If you travel a lot or struggle to keep plants alive besides cacti or succulents in dry, centrally heated houses, terrariums are ideal. Here are a few of the ones I've made:

Micro Terrarium collection. See my "Miniatures" page and Blog if you want to know more about these.

One of my more "traditional" Terrariums. A friend rescued the big old bell jar from a museum (they were throwing it away) and I'm now using that as a lid. The plants are much happier now the soil doesn't dry out so quickly. It was a bother to photograph though!

Airplant Terrarium. I used dry orchid bark to give the impression of "soil". The hanging basket is homemade from garden twine and a shell.

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