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I probably have way too many of these things... but I found this terrarium on sale for just £2 and couldn't resist (And I already had some plants to put in it).

Some terrariums are more practical than beautiful, like this one for my Cape sundew. This ex-university science lab propagator protects the boggy soil from drying out in our increasingly hot summers. I remove the lid now and again so that it can still catch flies. Sadly, despite my best efforts this plant still carked it anyway. RIP little buddy. There's a butterwort and a baby Sarracenia in here now.

The newest addition to the terrarium family is this Stormtrooper themed one. This was a Christmas gift from my sister. It's a cool idea but more of a novelty really because it's kind of difficult to see the plants inside very clearly. Click this link to take a peek inside.

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